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Firm Overview

The Thomas W. Russo Law Firm PLLC (formerly Thomas W. Russo, P.C.) has been in practice since 1990.  Thomas W. Russo, Esq  is highly experienced and equipped to advise and represent clients in all personal injury and accident matters. All of our lawyers possess the highest academic credentials, maintain strong community ties, and are committed to the pursuit of excellence. We employ people who speak both English and Spanish and make home and hospital visits if you are unable to come to our offices.  We are dedicated to your rights and will wage wars with the giant insurance companies and all the other "Big Guns" on your behalf.  We will protect your interests when involved in a stressful divorce or other family matters.

We represent clients in the entire Metropolitan community, including, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, Staten Island, Rockland, Orange, Dutchess and all of Connecticut in all state and federal courts.

Personal Injury

The skills of an experienced personal injury lawyer or at least the threat to an insurance company that such an attorney is 
present are worth the money you pay that lawyer to represent you. You will need an aggressive lawyer because of complex issues
involved in your claim, or because the severity of your injuries might cause your compensation to vary greatly or because an insurance company refuses to settle a matter in good faith. The reputation and experience of the lawyer you choose are extremely important. 

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